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Public Static Methods

FromFile Parse a Yaml string from a textfile and return a Yaml tree
ParseOverloaded. Parse a Yaml string and return a Yaml tree

Protected Static Methods

ParseOverloaded. Parse function

Public Instance Constructors

Node Constructor Node Constructor

Public Instance Properties

Type Kind of node: mapping, sequence, string, ...
URI URI of this node, according to the YAML documentation.

Public Instance Methods

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GetType (inherited from Object) 
Info Node info returns a YAML node and is also mostly used for debugging the parser. This could be used for traversing the meta-info of another YAML tree
ToFileOverloaded. Write a YAML tree to a file using UTF-8 encoding
ToString The ToString method here, and in all the classses derived from this class, is used mainly for debugging purpose. ToString returns a xml-like textual representation of the objects. It's very useful to see how a Yaml document has been parsed because of the disambiguous representation of this notation.
WriteOverloaded. Return a Yaml string

Protected Instance Fields

nodetype Determines wich node we are talking about
uri The uri given by http://yaml.org/type/

Protected Instance Methods

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Protected Internal Instance Methods

WriteOverloaded. Writes a Yaml tree back to a file or stream

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