Yaml .NET Parser

Yaml Namespace

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Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
Binary A Yaml Boolean node tag:yaml.org,2002:binary
Boolean Class for storing a Yaml Boolean node tag:yaml.org,2002:bool
BufferStream Third stream processor, this class adds a buffer with a maximum size of 1024 chars. The buffer cannot encapsulate multiple lines because that could do strange things while rewinding/indenting
DropComments Missing <summary> documentation for T:Yaml.DropComments
DropTrailingNewline This layer removes the trailing newline at the end of each (sub)stream
Float Class for storing a Yaml Float node tag:yaml.org,2002:float
IndentationProcessor The indentation processor, This class divides the stream from the preprocessor in substreams, according to the current level of indentation.
Integer Class for storing a Yaml Integer node uri: tag:yaml.org,2002:int
Mapping Yaml Mapping
MappingNode Node pair (key, value) of a mapping
MultiBufferStream Parsestream with multilever buffer
Node Node in the Yaml tree
Null Class for storing a Yaml Null node tag:yaml.org,2002:null
ParseException ParseException, could be thrown while parsing a YAML stream
ParseStream Drop the comments (This is disabled when literal parsing is enabled)
Preprocessor The Preprocessor class Given a character stream, this class will walk through that stream. NOTE: Comments are not longer skipped at this level, but now in the last level instead. (because of problems with comments within the buffer) NOTE: Null characters are skipped, read nulls should be escaped. \0
Scalar All Yaml scalars are derived from this class
Sequence Represents a Yaml Sequence
String Yaml String node
Timestamp Yaml Timestamp node uri: tag:yaml.org,2002:timestamp
WriteStream Help class for writing a Yaml tree to a string


Enumeration Description
NodeType Kind of node, used to determine the type of node.