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Public Instance Constructors

IndentationProcessor Constructor Constructor

Public Instance Properties

Char Reads the current char from the stream
CurrentLine (inherited from Preprocessor) Returns the current line number
EOF End of File/Stream
Literal (inherited from Preprocessor) Literal parsing

Public Instance Methods

Equals (inherited from Object) 
GetHashCode (inherited from Object) 
GetType (inherited from Object) 
Indent Request an indentation. When we meet a \n and the following line is more indented then the current indentationlever, then save this request
Next Go to the next parsable char in the stream
StartLiteral (inherited from Preprocessor) Start parsing literal
StopLiteral (inherited from Preprocessor) Stop parsing literal
ToString (inherited from Object) 
UnIndent Cancel the last indentation

Protected Instance Methods

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Private Instance Fields

endofstreamMissing <summary> documentation for F:Yaml.IndentationProcessor.endofstream
indentationLevelMissing <summary> documentation for F:Yaml.IndentationProcessor.indentationLevel
indentationRequestMissing <summary> documentation for F:Yaml.IndentationProcessor.indentationRequest
indentationStackMissing <summary> documentation for F:Yaml.IndentationProcessor.indentationStack
whitespacesMissing <summary> documentation for F:Yaml.IndentationProcessor.whitespaces
whitespacesSkippedMissing <summary> documentation for F:Yaml.IndentationProcessor.whitespacesSkipped

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