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WriteStream overview

Private Static Constructor

WriteStream Constructor Initializes the static fields of the WriteStream class.

Private Static Fields

indentationCharsMissing <summary> documentation for F:Yaml.WriteStream.indentationChars

Public Instance Constructors

WriteStream Constructor Constructor

Public Instance Methods

Append Append a string
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GetType (inherited from Object) 
Indent Indentation
ToString (inherited from Object) 
UnIndent Unindent

Protected Instance Methods

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Private Instance Fields

indentationMissing <summary> documentation for F:Yaml.WriteStream.indentation
lastcharisnewlineMissing <summary> documentation for F:Yaml.WriteStream.lastcharisnewline
streamMissing <summary> documentation for F:Yaml.WriteStream.stream

Private Instance Methods

WriteIndentation Write the indentation to the output stream

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